I really think that this challenge has helped me improve balance in life. Today I managed to juggle work, food, gymnastics training and social life particularly well. I did wake up a little sniffy today so hope I am not coming down with a cold, I’ve already had one this year and it was quite nasty. I had all my food prepped and made breakfast before work, including a delicious strawberry vanilla protein shake with fibre. I had packed my shake for later and my lunch of leftover shepherd’s pie. I managed to improve balance in hunger and work. It is tricky at the gym to eat but having the shake was quick enough to drink in a 15 min break between preschool and junior gym. And my leftover shepherd’s pie from yesterday was easily heated up around 3:30 on my break before my general girls came in.

Luckily I got to finish work early again today that won’t last long but I just felt so tired so was happy to go home for 2 hours. I had a little casserole and a nap. Afterwards I felt a little feverish which was not good, keeping my eye on that! At gymnastics I worked to improve balance of training and socialising whilst at the gym. Now I did really well and worked my beam routine and did a little tumbling with my friend. We then went out afterwards for a coffee, I didn’t buy anything but we all sat and chatted. We mostly talked about future events and holidays, but we also shared training stories and what we are all working on. I brought some food home for my brother and her Fiancé and snacked on a couple of chocolate protein fudge bars I made before I headed to bed. I have a little headache tonight, sleep should cure that, cross fingers. Good night everyone.