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I’m Natasha Connor and this is my personal lifestyle blog where you’ll find whatever I’m up to at the moment.

Natasha Connor’s Lifetyle Challenge

I started the 30 days to healthy living challenge with Arbonne on February 5th and will blog every day for 30 days.

Day 30 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Wow can’t believe it is Day 30! Knowing in the morning that I will have completed 30 days to healthy living challenge is so exciting. Today was super busy, as soon as I woke up I decided that today would be productive. So I did my morning routine and headed over to my...

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Day 29 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Woke up super early because I was really excited my hair was to be touched up, my roots were shortly going to look spectacular! My hairdresser did a really good job and was really happy with it. Got some work done today and had a few odd jobs to do so completed them....

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Day 28 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

I love Sundays! Woke up and had the house to myself so strutted around in my birthday suit. I made myself breakfast of eggs and avocado with my morning chocolate and strawberry protein shake. I decided that today my focus would be on my water intake. I'm not very good...

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Day 27 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Woke up today and did my morning routine, saw outside that the snow had started to melt and the roads were looking much better. My normal Saturday involves lots of film binging but today I was covering a coaches group just like last week because she is on holiday in...

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Day 26 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Cant believe I only have 4 more days until I will have completed my 30 days to healthy living. Woke up with a tummy ache so thought I must just be hungry from yesterday's diet. My brother’s fiancé had got another snow day and was in the living room working from home...

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Day 25 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Can’t believe I have another snow day. I spent the day doing some online work and hanging out with my brother’s fiancé who also didn’t have work. What I have noticed with having work off and not exercising like I normally do is severely affecting my hormone balance. I...

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Day 24 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Was woken up after only 5 hours of sleep with both my brother and his fiancé super happy at how much it had snowed. We all had our work cancelled so we got a snow day. I tried to go back to sleep for another hour but then we all had breakfast together. I put on a...

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Day 23 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Snow today, lots and lots on the ground in the morning. I had got loads of food from the supermarket last night and so made a good healthy breakfast of eggs, avocado and a strawberry and blackberry protein shake. I also cut lots of raw veggies to snack on later with...

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Day 22 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Today I really had to think about my healthy eating choices, my breakfast started off great with a strawberry vanilla protein shake and some eggs. Before work I went round my family’s house and had chicken with aubergine, peppers, sweetcorn, spinach and rice which...

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Day 21 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Woke up to the sound of my brother mucking around in the house and his fiancé singing in the shower. My brother was still drunk from yesterday and all giggly, was hilarious to watch. They told me about their Saturday night and it sounded like lots of fun compared to...

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Day 20 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Woke up very early for a Saturday and made myself a raspberry chocolate protein shake, it went really well with my breakfast of eggs and mushrooms, delicious, all part of my healthy balanced diet plan. I covered a group at work with gymnastics a lot younger than I...

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Day 19 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

I really think that this challenge has helped me improve balance in life. Today I managed to juggle work, food, gymnastics training and social life particularly well. I did wake up a little sniffy today so hope I am not coming down with a cold, I’ve already had one...

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Day 18 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Started my morning with a strawberry “lemonade” vanilla protein shake following a recipe given on the facebook page for 30 days to healthy living. It was very nice, I will be making that one again, yummy. I was excited for lunch because I had leftover shepherd’s pie...

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Day 17 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Straight away this morning I had a shake and headed off to work to coach junior gymnastics. I then decided I wanted to do some meal preps for this week so went shopping. I bought only a few things and snacked on raw veggies with humous when I got home. I did a little...

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Day 16 to 30 Days to Healthy Living

Had a pretty busy morning preparing food for the day and working on my online business. I made myself a butternut squash soup and had boiled eggs for breakfast. I had two protein shakes with fibre support and digestion aid in. I am looking forward to my herbal tea in...

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