Woke up super early because I was really excited my hair was to be touched up, my roots were shortly going to look spectacular! My hairdresser did a really good job and was really happy with it. Got some work done today and had a few odd jobs to do so completed them. I munched my usual of eggs and avocado but today I had celery sticks as my soldiers instead of toast. Now if you don’t know what dippy eggs and soliders are read this! Was funny and enjoyable. I made myself two strawberry and chocolate protein shakes for the day one with digestion plus and one with fibre support and had them both before work.

At work I had a hydration drink and also packed a prepare and endure drink for gymnastics later. My gymnasts worked hard today and by the time it got to my turn to train I had a massive headache. I drank my prepare and endure drink before training and did quite well considering. Hadn’t been to gym for a whole week because of the snow closures so already feeling achey. Chatted with my mates and did a lot of bars work, my hands are now screaming at me. I sat with my friend in my car and chatted a little while longer before eventually driving home.

Super nice hands of a gymnast 😂 #hardwork

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When I got home I found out that my car had been scratched by a colleague, bad luck, she had admitted it and said she would pay out through her insurance. Put me in a proper mood. I was so hungry after dinner I was still in need of more food, my head was throbbing another sign I hadn’t eaten enough. So I went in search for my trusty pistachios but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I looked everywhere but more bad luck as I couldn’t find them. I was so hangry I actually decided to walk to the local 24 hour supermarket and buy some. I did and munched half a packet.

Whilst I was binging on nuts my best friend phoned and he’d had quite a bit of bad luck so we chatted for a little while and I tried to cheer him up. I then phoned my other best friend to chat was really fun and put all the bad luck I’d had this evening behind me. She can really cheer me up and we can talk, giggle and be stupid for hours on end, I love her to bits. I drank my herbal tea whilst on FaceTime to her and wrote my blog too. Stayed up very late but no need for an early rise tomorrow so worth it. Goodnight everyone, much love.

Love this filter 😍

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