Wow can’t believe it is Day 30! Knowing in the morning that I will have completed 30 days to healthy living challenge is so exciting. Today was super busy, as soon as I woke up I decided that today would be productive. So I did my morning routine and headed over to my family’s house. I renewed my cheerleading coaching qualifications, spent at least 2 hours filling in the exam and reminding myself of the terminology. Coaching gymnastics means I have a lot of different names for the same move, also working in the USA means I have loads of English and American terminology all mixed up it is quite funny. At the end of the day I’m happy the kids understand what I mean and because a lot of them watch youtube they actually know the American terms more and are always confused by some English ones.

I updated my web design website and it is looking almost ready which is super exciting too. Work crept up quickly and coaching was enjoyable. I had two shakes that I made this morning along with a meal at lunch time with my mum. I would be lying if I wasn’t looking forward to chocolate, alcohol, bread and dairy! Doing this challenge and to have completed 30 days to healthy living challenge I now know not to take naughty food for granted. Although my skin looks amazing and my body is definitely more happy on this diet I cannot wait to eat naughty food. I think it would be a good idea to live my life 80% like this diet and 20% anything I want. Everything in moderation is key.

After work I had my pole session like last week and I was worried I wouldn’t do a lot because my back ached from lots of supporting gymnasts. However it went really well and learnt a few moves. One move hurts my ankle a lot so I haven’t mastered it yet, I can’t get through the pain. One of my friends wasn’t there this week because she is on holiday and won’t be back for another week yet. Thought I’d get tired but I can talk a lot so time went by fast. Got home and ate some nuts, I had an email saying I passed my cheerleading coaching exam so was thrilled and impressed at how quickly they mark and pass you. So this will be my penultimate blog post having completed 30 days to healthy living challenge, I will post up my before and after pics and body measurements tomorrow. I have to admit writing down my feelings and my journey was liberating and very healthy mentally, I may keep it up and start writing about my other interests or hobbies, what do you think? Thanks for reading, hope I inspire you to eat healthily and try something new.

Pretzel variation 😁

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