Was woken up after only 5 hours of sleep with both my brother and his fiancé super happy at how much it had snowed. We all had our work cancelled so we got a snow day. I tried to go back to sleep for another hour but then we all had breakfast together. I put on a million layers of clothing and headed out the door with my brother and fiancé to go sledding in Castle Park. I got dragged along the path on the sled a little way on the compacted snow, was great fun. Took us around 20 minutes to get there and it was jam packed full of people.

Had a fab time in the snow today 😁❄️

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There is a big hill where on a snow day everyone goes to sled down it. Right at the bottom is a castle wall that we decided would be our aim to reach. I think we continuously went down this hill for maybe 2 hours, maybe even longer until we were frozen. Lots of kiddies were getting wiped out and parents too. They don’t think to look around them or look up at who might go next when they are walking up returning to the top. Their friend joined us too and all 4 of us made it to the wall. We went for a herbal tea in a town cafe.Lots of places were shut for a snow day and many still open. I felt bad for anyone who worked today, the buses hadn’t been running and the trains were only going every 2 hours. We gave a homeless man a tea and chips from McDonalds and some money to get into a shelter tonight.

Snow day! ❄️ Time to be a big kid again 😁

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We headed home and bought fajita stuff for dinner. My boyfriend came round too and we had a very nice evening in. We didn’t go swimming like day 21 as the diving pool was closed due to lack of staff on the snow day. The roads were not as clear as yesterday and we had more snow. I had my morning shake but my lack of sleep made me super emotional tonight. Good night everyone.