Snow today, lots and lots on the ground in the morning. I had got loads of food from the supermarket last night and so made a good healthy breakfast of eggs, avocado and a strawberry and blackberry protein shake. I also cut lots of raw veggies to snack on later with houmous. I had, red and yellow pepper, cucumber, carrot and celery. I did a bit of online work and my morning routine. Although there was snow today so very cold I kept my hair wet and dutch plaited it because I like to dry my hair as naturally as I can. I made another shake to have later at work.

My morning breakfast and midday snacks today 😍

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I headed over to my family’s house because I needed to pick up some parcels. It was a mission to clear my car of the snow today. I was an idiot and all the snow I had put on to the ground from the windscreen and Bonet, my car struggled to run over it to pull away, too funny because I could have reversed and then pulled out just fine. The roads were again pretty clear and the snow began to melt, it was lovely and sunny. I had pistachios and a fizz tea before work.

Yummy fizzy tea!

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Kept an eye out today on recreational gymnastics being a level 2 if Angie isn’t in it falls to me to be in charge and to make sure it is running properly. Not many gymnasts came in today although it was open, hope they are out enjoying the snow! When my intermediate girls came in they worked hard but being the age they are the group cohesion is a little messy, some days they get on great and sometimes emotions take over and I’m left with teenagers who need to be told exactly what to do and to be nice to each other. I do love coaching this age but sometimes it is tricky to remind them you are their coach at the end of the day not their friend. They have a competition coming up soon so need to work super hard to nail their routines. Because of the snow today I again parked right at the top it was so cold.

I went to pole fitness and my shorts arrived. I had to order a large, now I am an 8-10 but my bottom is so big that it eclipses the moon if I’m out at night. Haha, slight exaggeration maybe. They fit well I’m just not used to half my butt out when I’m doing pole fitness. However it did help, my moves were easier and more skin meant more grip, I’m less likely to fall off. I graded level 12 and passed which I wanted to last week on day 16, moving up to level 13. I have overtaken my instructor, she fell pregnant on level 12 six years ago and is only going to start up training again in September. So if I need any help on moves there are a couple of ladies there who are on the same level or higher to ask. My two friends I pole with had managed to catch me up when I went to America for four months to work as a gymnastics coach at a camp. My gymnastics background helps me to whizz through the levels and get moves quicker, catch me if you can girls.

Got home after using quite a bit of deicer on my car windscreen. According to my brother’s fiancé it is scheduled to snow overnight, I hope it doesn’t stop me from working in the morning, we shall see. I drank my shake and I am now sipping my herbal tea ready for bed. Good night everyone, thanks for reading.