Woke up to the sound of my brother mucking around in the house and his fiancé singing in the shower. My brother was still drunk from yesterday and all giggly, was hilarious to watch. They told me about their Saturday night and it sounded like lots of fun compared to my lovely relaxing movie night. They headed off for breakfast out whilst I got ready for lunch with my boyfriend. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with the way I looked and how healthy my skin is, I even feel much better and a key way to feeling better is to love yourself, which I do, my motivational motto for today. He was early and also very hungover. He begged for a fizz stick & a hydration drink to help cure his hangover, he loves fizz sticks and swears by them. Unfortunately it doesn’t cure grumpiness, I wish!

We had lunch in town where we knew they served gluten free food. I started to stress because the food took too long coming out and I had work imminently. The food was lovely but I was rushed and felt bad that I couldn’t enjoy the meal to the fullest, I don’t think my boyfriend minded too much he clearly just wanted to be in bed all day.

Managed to get to work and coached. My party in the afternoon unfortunately was cancelled. Just one of those days I guess. When a party cancels I feel disappointed because I love to coach them, feeling down I remembered my motivational motto for today which is to love yourself. Now Sundays are days to hang out with the people you love for most people, I normally work but decided I hang out with someone and not just go home. So I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to hang out but when I asked he didn’t want to, clearly dying from a hangover so I went and visited family. Another point in the day where I just gently reminded myself to love yourself, we see each other around once or twice a week because my work schedule is mad, I love my job but my hours are one thing that do hinder everything, including diet and socialising. My family had chinese leftovers and I had some meat and veggies from the dishes I felt were healthiest. Managed to accidentally eat out all day woops. Watched a film with my family called Miss Sloane, it was complicated to follow but was really good, now enjoying a herbal tea before bed it is really cold tonight and weather forecast for this week looks cold and it looks like it is going to snow later on in the week, wish I was on holiday some where hot right now!