Wow so day one already and it is time to shake shake my protein shake! I completely forgot to get my food sorted for the week and had not prepped as much as I should – especially seeing as there is a whole facebook group full of information, advice, shopping lists and health coaches. On the other hand I got up took my “before” photos, front and side view in a white bikini and wrote down my measurements. To be honest, I was quite happy with my photos and measurements which means I do not have to worry too much about weight loss on this 30 days to healthy living and beyond. I can focus on feeling better from the inside out.

I struggle with migraines quite often and tummy aches. I have found fasting using the 5-2 method before to really help reset my whole body however that caused me to have more migraines. So when I came across this I thought it was a no brainer. I started my breakfast off with a Vanilla protein shake with fibre and I love the taste of this so was super easy to drink. I had eggs and avocado as my meal and nuts as a snack treat. I really struggled to find much else around my house in stock so definitely needed to shop. After working all morning I felt a little tired around 3pm so had a citrus fizz stick. I honestly didn’t think it could curb my fatigue as much as it did. You don’t feel a massive burst of energy or a buzz but I realised I felt more awake and not sleepy anymore which is fantastic! My protein shake before gymnastics coaching had the digestion plus added to it and I really liked the thickness it gave my protein shake.

After coaching and doing gymnastics I shopped for the recommended food for this week. I ensured everything was organic and I didn’t stray from the list. I’m not going to lie healthy food is expensive, my weekly shop came to £27.15. I did buy everything and it does say on the list that these are just guidelines and to shop however your budget allows. But I wanted to do it right! I was shopping with my friend and she said “she had never seen a healthier trolley before in her life”, so if this doesn’t make you feel any better I don’t know what would. I then made myself a quick meal of chicken and peppers to make sure I was eating at least 1,200 calories as the guidelines say. As I’m writing this I am looking forward to my herbal tea before bed and can happily say I didn’t feel hungry at all, I had no headache and for the first time in a while I think I was properly hydrated thanks to the complete hydration food supplement drink, woohoo!

Can’t believe its day 1 of my 30 days to healthy living challenge! ☀️💪🏻

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Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your way to healthier you 💁🏼😜

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