Started my morning with a strawberry “lemonade” vanilla protein shake following a recipe given on the facebook page for 30 days to healthy living. It was very nice, I will be making that one again, yummy. I was excited for lunch because I had leftover shepherd’s pie and I love all the benefits of eating leftovers. Not only do you not have to cook again you also don’t have to buy more food for that day. There are so many more benefits of eating leftovers too, I think the food tastes so much better the next day and there also isn’t any food going to waste. Although I was disappointed in the appearance of the pie it tasted good.

My strawberry “lemonade” shake this morning was super scrummy!

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At work my energy levels were good, good enough I didn’t need a fizz stick and I went on well until 6. I had aerobics straight after work but it was a little different today. There were hardly any people who turned up because it was so cold outside, apparently it is forecasted to snow again soon. We did body conditioning which for me is super easy but I love conditioning so enjoyed it. It went by so fast and before I knew it I had to be at gymnastics. I quickly ate an avocado, carrot, some cucumber and raddish wish humous, again having these foods so handy really shows me the benefits of eating leftovers and having them available to hand. I definitely feel a lot happier eating these healthy foods.

Gymnastics was pretty good and I worked on a couple of things I don’t normally work on. My routines need a lot of work but at least I have goals set and ready. Me and a friend went shopping and I was so good, not tempted by anything and left buying only water! When I got home I planned what I needed to do for tomorrow, I work a full day so need to make sure I have everything in order. I am getting much better at organising my food much more so than the frantic state I was in on day 11. I had a nice chat on the phone and writing this is the very last thing I’m doing before my head hits the pillow tonight, goodnight everyone.