Woke up today and did my morning routine, saw outside that the snow had started to melt and the roads were looking much better. My normal Saturday involves lots of film binging but today I was covering a coaches group just like last week because she is on holiday in Australia. I had my breakfast of hard boiled eggs and a gluten free cumpet. I made myself a raspberry vanilla shake with fiber support in. I accidentally walked into the shower door in the morning, so had to ice my left eye and brow. It hurt so much. I’ve been really clumsy lately, fell face first flat as a pancake in the snow last night too. Cleared my car of snow, it wasn’t as cold today and headed off to work very early to make sure I got there on time safe and sound.

After work I phoned the boyfriend to see if he wanted to hang out but he was too hungover from last night. Visited my family and picked up some of my post and popped to my local supermarket. I bought some more frozen fruit for my shakes and some food for meals. I didn’t want to spend my Saturday night in alone, had the whole house to myself because my brother and his fiancé were at a party in London so phoned one of my best mates. He was happy to chill out so we played the Atari Jaguar for a bit, great retro video gaming! And decided to do some film binging.

We snacked on pistachios and root vegetable crisps, lol healthy snacks. We watched Hunt for the Wilder People and Mute on Netflix proper film binging. Both films were great. Was lovely just to chill out on a Saturday night. Will have my herbal tea before heading off to bed later.