Can’t believe I have another snow day. I spent the day doing some online work and hanging out with my brother’s fiancé who also didn’t have work. What I have noticed with having work off and not exercising like I normally do is severely affecting my hormone balance. I am feeling more hungry, more bored, more sad just more emotional all together. It could just be where I am in my cycle as a woman however it makes me crave desperately chocolate.

Another snow day another breakfast 🙂

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We watched films whilst I did a bit of work and it was proper chick flicks. We both enjoyed them, I cried multiple times and laughed hard I tried to cry it all out because my pesky hormone balance was out of whack. When my brother got home, he cooked us sea bass with spinach and garlic and prawn toast on gluten free bread. It was all very yummy. I headed off round to my boyfriends. The roads were ridiculous, it looked like they weren’t gritted but I’m sure they were. I had a few slides round corners but nothing drastic. His road was thick snow like no one had driven in or out was crazy.

I felt bad for him having to deal with me all emotional because of my hormone balance being completely crazy. I think he handled me ok. Got home and watched loads of funny vine compilations, so many I hadn’t seen and really cracked me up. I’m feeling hungry right now at 11:41pm, that’s not right. I am not going to eat anything, it is far too late for that. I shall go to bed soon, not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. I already know I won’t be in work for the morning as the classes are cancelled. There is a beautiful picturesque photo of the gym’s car park completely covered with snow, it is gorgeous. I think it snowed more today than yesterday.