I love Sundays! Woke up and had the house to myself so strutted around in my birthday suit. I made myself breakfast of eggs and avocado with my morning chocolate and strawberry protein shake. I decided that today my focus would be on my water intake. I’m not very good at staying hydrated and thought I would make a conscious effort on my water intake. I left for work a little earlier than usual just incase the snow had made the roads icy, however they were just fine.

I had a one to one with one of my general gymnasts to rejig and remember her floor routine. I have been coaching her for a few years now and is one of my original gymnasts in my group. She is now level 4 and will do her last level in general gymnastics next year, so exciting. I have loved watching her progress and it is quite rare to have the same gymnast for a long period of time, they often get moved around quite a bit. She learnt her routine very quickly and is looking good, I love talking to her mum at the end and socialising. Before I left for town I made sure to grab a glass of water to help me with my water intake.

I drove off into town, now I usually don’t pay to park in town and find somewhere free however all the usual places I go have either been painted double yellows or I wasn’t allowed to park for longer than two hours. I was in town to watch a movie at the cinema with my boyfriend so I knew I had to go in a car park, carrying on my film binging from yesterday. It cost me £3.50 for three hours, I hate paying to park. We grabbed something to eat and I had a peppermint tea in his favourite cafe. We had popcorn and I bought myself a bottle of water, my water intake today must have been so good. We watched Game Night, it was absolutely hilarious, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards we played pool at a local pub and again I had a glass of water, annoyingly it had ice in which I don’t like in my drinks, I normally remember to ask for no ice but had forgotten. He won all three games we played but I was getting better at pool. He had to head off home because he had a roast dinner at five with his family, felt a little miffed I didn’t get invited only because he is always welcome to our Sunday Chinese nights we normally have. I went home, had the house to myself again so watched some more Netflix and TV. Made myself a roast dinner of my own without gluten so mostly veg and chicken lol. I decided to do some arts and crafts and dyed some leather pink, was fun. My brother and his fiancé came home around 8pm with their lovely friend too. We chatted about our day and they went off to get ready for bed. I watched some Dirk Gently and fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up and went to bed very early around 9:30pm to which I forgot to post my blog so here it is.