Straight away this morning I had a shake and headed off to work to coach junior gymnastics. I then decided I wanted to do some meal preps for this week so went shopping. I bought only a few things and snacked on raw veggies with humous when I got home. I did a little online work, ate leftover soup and avocado and went swimming. I swim every week with my brother, his fiancé and my mum. We swim in the diving pool, me and my brother practice diving and testing our breath hold at the bottom of the 3m deep pool for fun. I was a little sad because Wednesday’s are usually my date night and my boyfriend wasn’t feeling well.

I didn’t know what to do with my time so went shopping again and bought more food for meal preps. I had a snack of hard boiled eggs and also tried gluten free artisan tiger bread, it’s not bad! I worked on my meal preps and cooked these weird little chocolate protein fudges and a sweet potato shepherds pie. I didn’t seem to correctly convert the american recipe units so my tray was too big. Lots of surface area but a very thinly layered shepherds pie was made. I placed both meal preps into the fridge for tomorrow. I had another protein shake and a herbal tea before bed time. Not sure that I spent my time wisely today or not, not used to having so much time on my hands! Compare today to yesterday and you can tell I really like to be busy.

Healthy almond butter & chocolate protein fudge bars, totally weird and 100% moreish!

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