Today I really had to think about my healthy eating choices, my breakfast started off great with a strawberry vanilla protein shake and some eggs. Before work I went round my family’s house and had chicken with aubergine, peppers, sweetcorn, spinach and rice which were good healthy eating choices. I did get very tempted by my dad’s beverage choice…Coca Cola! I asked for a sip and had one dun dun dun! Naughty. My gods did it taste good, but I stayed strong after that and made sure I didn’t have any more sips didn’t want to stray away from the healthy foods. I made myself a fizz stick energy drink, at least that has a nice flavour to it.

It has been snowing all day and blimey it was cold last night. The snow hadn’t settled and I headed off for work. I made sure I parked at the top of the car park because I know my little fiat 500c would not be able to get up a snowy car park if it decided to settle. Throughout coaching I did get peckish but luckily I had packed up myself a raspberry vanilla protein shake as one of my healthy eating choices and a good one at that. It is a life saver especially because it only takes me a minute to drink and I can get straight back in to coach. I had lots of energy this morning and afternoon.

Gymnastics training was very quiet, us English don’t like to travel when there is a chance of snow, I even heard that the trains were scheduled to not run after 10pm, ridiculous! Our country cannot handle the slightest bit of snow and everything grinds to a halt. I’ve seen how Canada and many other countries just get on with it and it shows just how lazy us brits are. However I was very pleased that my little snow covered car had beautifully gritted roads to drive on. I popped to a supermarket with my friend and stocked up on vegetables and chicken, hardly anyone was there and usually there are more, I had a very unfriendly check-out lady which made my purchasing very uncomfortable, she didn’t even say hello! RUDE. Now time to settle into bed and grab myself a herbal tea, good night everyone. Just looked outside and it’s snowing heavily now.

Came outside after work to find one very snowy little car 😂❄️

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