Cant believe I only have 4 more days until I will have completed my 30 days to healthy living. Woke up with a tummy ache so thought I must just be hungry from yesterday’s diet. My brother’s fiancé had got another snow day and was in the living room working from home on her laptop. I sat and chatted for a bit and then grabbed a nice breakfast of eggs and avocado and a raspberry vanilla shake.

Snowy cold raspberry shake ❄️😁

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I watched from the window as my brother’s fiancé started to make a snowman. It had been snowy on and off in the morning. She made a really cute snowman with a hat, moustache and a bow tie. I took photos of her and then ate my breakie to help ease my tummy ache. My work had decided to open today at 4 so drove in.

Snow Gentleman! ❄️

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Roads were fine but as I parked in the very snowy car park it started to snow again. The gym kept an eye on it whilst we coached. I had two gymnasts in out of 9! There were only 2 recreational gymnasts in the first hour and a few more in the second. Pretty much all the coaches were in. The snow got worse so they decided to close at 6pm. Only got to work 2 hours but my gymnasts worked really hard and I still had a tummy ache.

I gave a lift home to a coach who lived just around the corner and drove home. I was really scared on one roundabout as my car just drifted and slid the wrong way. I don’t like not being in control and was really scared. Not that I would have been hurt going around 5mph but still was not comfortable.

It was still snowing when I got back, I went to the supermarket grabbed food and had dinner. My brother had friends round and grabbed dominos pizza. I was very jealous so sat there eating pistachios. My tummy ache soon after went and I hung out with them chatting and playing games. I got tired and headed off to bed. Have work tomorrow but worried of driving again on the icy roads hopefully by 1pm it should clear up.