When I woke up this morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought wow is that really me? Talk about stomach management, I looked so much thinner than I thought I would. My weight has been steady, I get weighed every Thursday at my aerobics class, last week I lost a pound and the same this week. But everything looks more toned and I’m very happy with the results so far considering I haven’t been noticing any difference in my appearance. Straight away I got myself a shake and cooked lunch. I made chicken with courgette and onion stir fry, was delicious and very healthy.

Tasted much better than it looks 💁🏼😁

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Only one of my gymnasts for home education turned up for class today, it is the half term holiday but none of our classes stop and I told them all last week it was still on. It really helped the boy who turned up because I could really focus on his badge and pay full attention to him. My 121 that I have after didn’t turn up and when I asked they replied thinking it was off as well. Used that time wisely to gather all my gymnast’s music to send to Fliss at the gym to put on file. My room is a mess, I move out on Friday night to stay with my brother and his fiancé for 7 weeks and then I’m back at home. It’s very stressful and I really have to plan out what to take, if you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m not a very good organiser. My parents commented on my stomach management, said I looked skinner even though that isn’t actually my aim it is just a nice side effect.

My gymnastic recreation class at work was busy for me, I had 8 out of my 9 gymnasts in so I played races, did fun vaults and played competition games on the bars. They left really smiley and I thanked them for coming in because it was half term. After work I went to aerobics to keep up my stomach management, it was really hot and I worked up a sweat and a half. I ate eggs and pistachios before quickly going to gymnastics training. I was too tired to do anything properly so went home early, quite unlike me. Feel super tired just writing this, think I stayed up too late last night writing day 10 and it is all catching up with me. Zzzzzzzz

My two beautiful bouquets i got from the boyf for valentine’s day 😍

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