Woke up very early for a Saturday and made myself a raspberry chocolate protein shake, it went really well with my breakfast of eggs and mushrooms, delicious, all part of my healthy balanced diet plan. I covered a group at work with gymnastics a lot younger than I teach at their skill level and was really fun. They were all well behaved although very clumsy, they kept falling off the beam walking into things and even kicking things by accident. Made me giggle a little and it was strange having to comfort a kid and tell them they are ok. My older girls just moan and then get on with it, I usually tell a great tale of how I split the beam or whatever happens to cheer them up. As an ex-gymnast/adult gymnast I understand I’ve experienced it.

After work it was so sunny, as I walked to my car in the car park I could see how dirty it was! I just had to get it cleaned. It took me a while to think of anywhere where I could sit in the car and get it washed, but remembered a local supermarket near me did one so I went there. The guys cleaning flirted with me and even thought I was Romanian, I said “No I’m English, but my name is Russian” total panic didn’t know what to say but at least I made them laugh. My car was super shiny felt much better! When I returned home I ate a fish dish as allowed in my balanced diet plan that my brother had made, it tasted good. I ate it reminiscing and playing on the Atari Jaguar console we recently saved from our old house’s loft. We played a game called Karts briefly and it even had our names remembered on the exact same controllers too, so cool.

I had a chocolate shake fudge bar I made on day 17 and another shake following my balanced diet plan to the letter. I spent my Saturday night in round my friends house watching a gymnastics movie called Stick it. It is my favourite movie and if you haven’t seen it and are interested in gymnastics watch it. We then mucked around the house doing handstands and elephant lifts (straddle press handstands) against the wall. I also entertained myself and their kitten with a green laser pointer. Had a nice relaxing bath before bed and drank a herbal tea. Good night everyone and hope you are working on a good balanced diet plan, if you would like any help on it just ask me 🙂