Slept like a baby last night thanks to the herbal tea, didn’t wake up in the middle of the night needing a wee like normal so pretty impressed. Decided to spice up my breakfast with a vanilla, spinach and summer berries protein shake and snacked on eggs and avocado again. Looked really pretty and tasted good. My work hours are pretty odd so I ate my main meal around 2pm before I went off coaching. I had the sweet potato with mince beef and guacamole. It tasted amazing really liked that recipe, I will be eating that even when I am not on this challenge for sure!

Food prep this afternoon 😁💁🏼

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This was so incredibly scrummy! Sweet potato, minced beef and guacamole 😁😍

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Again I began to feel sleepy, I actually normally have a nap every day and after having a fizz stick did not need one – perhaps explaining why I am sleeping much better along with the herbal tea. Just before work I tried the chocolate protein shake with the digestion plus. Everyone I know who has these shakes much prefer the chocolate to vanilla so was expecting it to be amazing but in my opinion I prefer the vanilla, although both pretty scrummy. Didn’t feel hungry at work and kept hydrated with my hydration drink. It is pretty hard to eat small little and often when you are coaching. Once you are on the gymnastic floor you can’t go off and snack nor eat in the gymnasium.

I had plenty of energy to coach and go to my pole fitness I do every Tuesday, in fact I felt pretty energetic and trained well. I didn’t feel hungry all day but I did have a slight headache in the evening, don’t know yet what to put this down to – it can be as simple as the weather pressure. Felt peckish around 10pm so had a little snack on some almonds. Very much looking forward to my herbal tea again tonight and trying to master how long to brew tea.